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Costa Rica is often rated as the top country in Latin America for living and investing. The stable political environment has proven to be a key consideration for buyers when choosing to purchase property in Costa Rica. Investing in Costa Rica can prove to be a very profitable venture, but there are several key factors to consider before making an investment.

As in any real estate investment, location is without a doubt the most important aspect to consider when making purchasing real estate property in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is unique because for a small country it offers so many prime locations to choose from including close to 1,000 miles of coastline. The Nicoya Peninsula on the Northern Pacific Coast has seen the most development. The areas around the Central Valley have also seen substantial growth rates due to the many executives that reside in or near the city. Don't be surprised; only in the last year 21 international companies have come to Costa Rica to establish their operations. Intel, Panduit, Hewlett Packard, Procter & Gamble and many other companies have even been hiring more and more Costarricans due to the high educational and technical level. With this said, properties prices should appreciate substantially.

La Fortuna and the Lake Arenal area has been a prime development area, where more and more amenities become available. The Central Pacific Region appears to be the new hot spot with infrastructure being installed and property changing hands at record pace. The last frontier for development seems to be the Southern Region and Osa Peninsula. This area is largely undeveloped due to its isolation, but has a great potencial.

Another essential factor when buying real estate property in Costa Rica is the cost of living. Here in Costa Rica the costs of all public services are relatively cheap. For example, the electricity bill of a medium home can be approximately $40 and the water bill can be as low as $5 per month. The cost of food in the supermarkets are similar than elsewhere, depending of the quality and types of foods purchased. Car insurance is also a plus in Costa Rica, it is lot cheaper than example in the USA.

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